Thursday, September 22, 2005


How delightful!

We already know about 4 or 5 Dems who are interested in taking on Sue Kelly this year. But this article in today's issue of The Hill reveals that there's also a Republican looking to take her on too.

According to the article, Jeff Cook, who was the former national field director of the Log Cabin Republicans, a pro-Republican, pro-gay rights group, has formed an exploratory committee. Cook may only be 26, but he seems to have mastered the Washington bluster: "If the Republican Party is unwilling to stand up to the trappings and the temptations of big government, then who will? We’ve got to have a dividing line. There's got to be a party to stand up for the taxpayer."

Is there anything more delightful than Sue having to prove her conservative bona fides to her base while at the same time trying to fool moderates into thinking that she's one of them? We don't think so. We can only hope that young Cook continues to explore.

UPDATE: Here's the PoJo's take on Cook's explorations. Particularly interesting is the lame response a Kelly spokesman emailed to the paper about how hard Kelly was working for people in Dutchess County and that she didn't have time to "focus on politics". Uh-huh. Earlier in the week in this story in the Times Herald-Record, a spokesman emailed a similar comment. Except this time Kelly was too busy working for the good folks in Orange County to play politics. Here's the real question though: what exactly is Kelly too busy doing? What legislation? What hearings? What tangible things can she actually point to?

Jeff Cook, 26, a former field director of the Log Cabin Republicans, opposes Sue Kelly for the 19th CD. Cook crosses swords with Kelly on these issues:

On Fiscal Discipline: Politicians like Sue Kelly have abandoned fiscal discipline and refused to make the tough choices

On Education: Politicians like Sue Kelly believe the bureaucrats in Washington know best. They’ve voted to federalize education, passing down unfunded mandates that have increased local property taxes and taken teachers out of the classroom.... The unfunded mandates caused by “No Child Left Behind” must be fully funded or repealed. Kelly voted for No Child Left Behind.

On Families: Instead of strengthening families, politicians like Sue Kelly have focused on the divisive social agendas of the far right and fringe left to score political points with people’s lives.

On Security: Politicians like Sue Kelly have paid lip service to risk-based funding formulas, but they’ve fallen in-line with the House leadership and supported the appropriations bills that have created this problem. Homeland security is too important to get caught up in pork-barrel spending and politics as usual.

On Gay Rights: Kelly's support for the Federal Marriage Amendment.

Unless otherwise noted, these quotes are from Cook's exploratory committee web site. Note the opinions are from a Republican about a Republican.
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