Tuesday, August 23, 2005


More pork!

Over the course of two days last week, Sue issued seven different releases, several of which touted all the money she's managed to bring back to the district, including $261,000 from the Department of Homeland Security for a new fire truck in Carmel. Cornwall's fire department also got a chunk of homeland security money, though at under $50,000, it was considerably less than what Carmel received. Most of these releases generated positive headlines in the local papers that Sue counts on to rewrite her press releases and make it look as if she's doing something for the folks back home.

Still, while a new fire truck in Carmel is a welcome gesture, residents of the 19th contribute much more in federal taxes than we receive in return from the federal government So in order to even things out, Sue would have to funnel a lot more pork this way. Perhaps she can look to fellow Republican Don Young, who managed to funnel $941 million to his district and was chided for funding a "bridge to nowhere" where 50 people live. Maybe one day soon, we'll see Sue announce money for a bridge to Bannerman island.

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