Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Placing a bet...

Normally, we at Take19 aren't all that big on placing bets. But here's one we just can't pass up. As the storm swirls around Karl Rove, Pres. Bush's top advisor, Sue, along with most other Republican House members are strangely silent. Meanwhile, Maurice Hinchey, whose district is adjacent to the 19th, was one of 17 House members to sign a letter being circulated by Michigan Congressman John Conyers calling for Rove to step down after outing a CIA agent according to this story.

Perhaps Sue's silence is due to the fact that she's on vacation. But since we're talking about placing a bet, we think it's more likely that she sees the whole issue as a lose-lose situation: if she speaks up against Rove, she becomes a Republican maverick and that's not exactly something Sue seems comfortable doing. Indeed, Sue seems much more equipped to sweep controversial issues under the rug in the hopes that the people of the 19th aren't paying attention. But this time around, we'll be paying attention to what Sue has to say -- and when she chooses to remain silent.

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