Thursday, July 14, 2005


No time for you...

An article in this week's North County News about Peekskill resident Darren Rigger's plans to run for Sue's seat has a telling little comment about Sue. According to the article, Sue's spokesman said the Congresswoman was way to busy this week to take the time to talk to the paper, which comes across as more than a bit arrogant, particularly since Sue seems to have found the time to talk to this Connecticut TV station as well as this Wisconsin newspaper. Sue's spokesman did manage to provide the local reporter with a couple of canned paragraphs of Sue's bio -- printed verbatim from her web site.

Here's a brief lesson for Sue and her spokesman: the people who read the North County News actually live in the 19th. The people who watch local TV news in Connecticut or read some Wisconsin newspaper do not.

So send an email to the North County News letting them know that canned responses don't cut it here in the 19th. If Sue can find the time to talk to folks in Connecticut and Wisconsin, surely she can find the time for the people in her own district.

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