Friday, June 17, 2005


Sticking it to the U.N (and the White House too)!

Earlier today, Sue voted once again with the conservative wing of her party to stick it to the United Nations and call for a wide-ranging set of questionable reforms, despite the fact that the White House was unhappy with the bill, which passed the House by a vote of 221 to 184.

As the Washington Post noted in this article, the White House said that the bill would "impermissibly infringe on the president's authority under the Constitution to conduct the nation's foreign affairs." So the passage put Sue in the curious position of bucking both the White House and the Democrats in Congress, which seemingly gives her moderate credentials.

That is until you skip down to the end of the article, where the Post notes that the staff of Henry Hyde, the Republican House leader who sponsored the bill (and had a youthful indiscretion well into his 40s for those who remember the Clinton impeachment) credited Sue's buddy, Tom DeLay with the passage. In what the Post described as a fiery floor speech, DeLay said the U.N. "has become one of the world's great apologists for tyranny and terror." So much for Sue's moderate stance.

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