Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Working overtime...

Sue put in a full day at the office today, making her last vote of the day at 9:36 p.m. And what a successful day it was for Sue: she actually managed to get legislation that she sponsored passed by the full House, which hasn't happened all that often, even though she's now spent more than 10 years in Congress. Of course, it still needs to get passed by the Senate.

Sue's bill, which managed to attract seven co-sponsors, would start allowing small business owners who have sweep accounts to start collecting interest on their money. Of course, given how low interest rates are, this hardly represents a windfall for Hudson Valley business owners. But judging by what Sue said on the House floor yesterday, she's certainly likely to spin it that way.

One other note about today's marathon round of voting: Sue chose to buck the conservative wing of her party (and President Bush) by voting in favor of stem cell research earlier today, making her 1 of 50 Republicans to vote in favor of the expanded use of stem cells. Guess she really needed to bolster her so-called moderate stance after a long string of votes with DeLay & Co.

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