Friday, April 01, 2005


Working the local media...

During the Congressional recess, Sue has been busy running around the district grabbing headlines in the small weekly papers (and a few dailies) for the bounty she claims to be personally bringing to the district. Unforutnatley, many of the stories, like this story in the Pawling News Chronicle are virtually identical to Sue's own press release. Of course, it wasn't just the Pawling paper that printed a gently massaged version of the press release. This story in the Mid-Hudson News is also suspiciously close to Sue's press release on money headed to Stewart Airport. Of course, Sue doesn't seem to mind. Better that the reporters rewrite the release then ask actual questions about when (or even if) the money will actually make it here. But don't voters in NY's 19th deserve better from their local media and their local representative?

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