Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Where was Sue?

On Friday, the House passed the so-called Energy Policy Act of 2005, which according to the Republican spin machine, was all about lowering gas prices, even though President Bush was quoted in this article that the bill "wouldn't change the price at the pump today. I know that and you know that." For some strange reason, Sue Kelly was one of only three members in the entire House that didn't vote on the bill. Was it her conscience that kept her from voting on something that gives huge incentives to large oil companies and opens up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling? Or was she simply too busy doing something else? My guess is that she didn't want to be held accountable for voting in favor of something that a majority of House Republicans support, but that a majority of New Yorkers -- including moderate Republicans in the 19th CD -- are opposed to.

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