Wednesday, April 13, 2005


Kelly's wit and wisdom...

At a business forum yesterday hosted by the Westchester County Association, a prominent business group whose platinum sponsors include Entergy, Sue, along with fellow house members Eliot Engel and Nita Lowey, really managed to wow the audience with lines like this: Social Security "is a huge issue" according to this article. Thanks for stating the obvious, Sue. There was also this pearl about Indian Point, which is in the 19th CD: "We must keep them safe and secure but we also must keep them until we have a way to meet our energy needs." Perhaps it was just a coincidence that Sue used virtually the same language as that found on Indian Point's own site. Finally, there was Sue trying to justify her about-face on cutting the deficit since she came to Congress back in 1994 as a supposed deficit-hawk and has done virtually everything in her power to contribute to the rising deficit: "When circumstances change in a business, you have to borrow money. That's what we're doing." Thanks, Sue, for explaining that to us. So can we send you our next credit card statement?

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