Wednesday, April 20, 2005


Fighting for our right to eat Cinnabons...

Never mind the fact that you can get to exactly five places directly by flying out of Stewart International Airport. What's much more important -- at least to Sue -- is that you can't find any decent food in the terminal. The last time I was there, I remember being disappointed that I couldn't get a real cup of coffee, which of course, is much more important than the lack of flights. Luckily Super Sue is coming to our rescue by serving up $3 million in federal funding to make improvements to the terminal, according to this release and this similarly-worded story in the probing Mid-Hudson News.

In Sue's press release, Stewart President and COO Chuck Seliga said, "The money will be used to fund the ongoing expansion of the main passenger terminal. We have completed our first concession space upstairs and are now involved with adding additional concessions on the main floor." So the next time you fly from Stewart, be sure to drop Sue a note to thank her for using your tax dollars to bring in a Cinnabon outlet.

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