Thursday, April 28, 2005


Another vote with DeLay...

Sue has long claimed to be pro-choice as part of her so-called moderate stance and has received money from a group called Republican Majority for Choice. But yesterday, when it came time to vote in the House on a rule that makes it a federal crime to transport a girl younger than 18 across state lines for an abortion, Sue once again sided with the conservative wing of Tom DeLay and Co. Attempts to soften the bill to allow siblings or grandparents or some other responsible adult figure other than the girl's parents to be exempted were all shot down with Conservatives portraying these people as "sexual predators". While the rule is unlikely to directly impact people here in New York's 19th, since it's unlikely a teenager would need to cross state lines in this area, there are numerous states in the Midwest and south where the closest provider may very well be across state lines.

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