Saturday, March 26, 2005


Spinning fifth graders...

At a visit to a middle school in Pawling earlier this month, Sue tried to explain the finer points of the Kyoto Protocol to a group of fifth graders according to this article in the Pawling News Chronicle. But the kids weren't buying Sue's lame excuses about the Kyoto Protocol being "very complicated" -- so complicated that these fifth graders couldn't possibly comprehend the intricacies. According to the article, Kelly told the kids that signing the treaty would lead to lost jobs and lost productivity. "You need to understand how such an international treaty affects the United does have a very broad-range effect, and it does mean that some people may not have jobs because their factories may close." I suppose we could look on the bright side -- at least she didn't pull a Dan Quayle and try to teach the kids a new way to spell potato.

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