Saturday, July 22, 2006


Coming Soon to a Milk Carton in your fridge

The middle-class is disappearing. Overwhelmed by the skyrocketing cost of living, more and more American families are struggling to keep up and many are falling by the wayside. Health care, housing, gasoline, heating oil, interest rates, groceries and other essential items just keep getting more expensive. Income for all, except big business and the very wealthy, just can't keep up with the rising expenses. The evidence of Sue Kelly's complete disregard for middle-class America is overwhelming and well documented in this blog and is further proven in a report card just issued by the Drum Major Institute.

DMI tallied key votes on issues that directly affect the middle class and I'm sure that those familiar with Sue Kelly wouldn't be surprised to hear her report card grade. 13%. Wow. If you ever scored 13% on anything - be it a social studies exam, work evaluation or anything else - would you expect to be rewarded? Well based on her voting record on issues such as bankruptcy, tort reform, estate tax, medicare, student loans, free trade agreements and energy policy, Sue Kelly failed miserably yet expects to be rewarded with re-election.

What do you think? Should Sue Kelly be rewarded for failing the middle class while serving the interests of big business and the wealthy? You'll have your chance to answer these questions come November 7th.

[Middle Class] Death and Taxes

Henry is so right. The Middle Class is hurting on all sides, and things are likely to get worse thanks to the latest round of Bush's tax cuts which provide for temporary capital gains and dividend tax cuts and ATM relief. These cuts (made possible by borrowing money) will ultimately come out of taxpayers' pockets, through spending cuts or future tax increases.
According to Citizens for Tax Justice (June 2006,, the average middle income New Yorker received a tax cut totaling $1,904 from 2001 to 2006. But that same New Yorker now owes an additional $9,192 in added national debt--for a net loss of $7,288 per person. (The wealthiest one percent of New Yorkers received tax breaks of $140,244 per family member and a debt burden of $82,888 for a net SAVINGS of $57,356).
Another way to look at it is that for 99% of New Yorkers, every $1.00 in tax cuts for the past six years has resulted in a bill of $3.68.

But shouldn't a member of the rubber-stamp Republican rogues gallery understand how the Bush tax and spend policies affect the middle class? How is it that Sue Kelly votes over and over for measures that punish the middle class and middle class generations to come? Its time to stop pretending that pork barrel projects and token tax rebates will offset the crushing weight bearing down on middle income New Yorkers. We need a coherent plan to restore the heart of the American economy--its middle class.
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