Friday, November 03, 2006


Sue Kelly's desperate lies start to backfire!

The blistering press that Sue Kelly has received over the past 24 hours can't be good for the sixth-term incumbent. Just watch this clip, which aired on RNN last night -- the same station that captured Sue running away:

But that's not the only gotcha moment for the woman who likes to describe herself as a teacher, despite her paltry five-month tenure. Today's Times-Herald Record also pokes at Kelly for her disgusting, hateful faux mushroom cloud ad, which has already made its way around the blogosphere. Speaking of the blogosphere, Kelly's distortions of John Hall's investments has even attracted ridicule from Republican bloggers who wonder why she's suddenly against Capitalism.

And there's also this: two influential members of the League of Conservation Voters resigned over the group's decision to endorse Kelly -- something she's been touting relentlessly. We're guessing Cynthia Brill's comments that Kelly's environmental "record and positions are clearly inferior" won't be used in Kelly's soft-core ads.

With four days to go, maybe Sue should start talking about the things she's actually done during her 12 years in Congress. Then again, with a record like hers, its easy to see why she keeps resorting to desperate lies.

Bravo to RNN. That Kelly flyer is a new low -- fortunately, it has not yet shown up in my mailbox. If it does, I'll take it with me to the polls on Tuesday to remind me about the enthusiasm with which I am voting for Hall.
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