Sunday, October 29, 2006


Was Sue Kelly really a teacher?

Questions about whether Sue Kelly was really a teacher have been floating around for a long time -- ever since Sue was elected back in 1994. After all, she routinely cites her experience as a former teacher (just search for Sue Kelly and teacher to see how often it comes up). Yet, as this new video shows, Sue's teaching career was pretty short and unspectacular.

That's right: Sue Kelly spent an unremarkable semester at John Jay High School starting in September 1962 and ending in January 1963, according to a 1963 yearbook. And while she was a math and science teacher during those five months, that hardly seems like a tenure worth mentioning at practically every turn, including during the controversy over Sue's role in the Mark Foley mess.

All of this kind of makes you wonder what else Sue Kelly is stretching the truth about.

Go to to something interesting from City of Peekskill.
Scroll down and see title "Congresswoman Sue Kelly Donates nearly $1million to the City of Peekskill for Improvement Plans for Brown St. and other areas in the city. Click Here. to view. October 25, 2005." Open document (if you can!) and read "Congresswoman Sue Kelly SECURES nearly $1 million for Peekskill Improvement Plans"

Peekskill City chooses to make its Web Site mislead people into thinking Kelly personally donated money. Did she really even SECURE it?

WEll, Peekskill got a federal GRANT to re-pave streets (less than $100,000) but MOSTLY $900,000 Department of Public Works Garage needed because of the Peekskill Waterfront Development Project. (You'll hear Mayor Testa say that himself) (Hmmm, who's the big beneficiary of that? Ginsburg... Shouldn't he pay to move DPW from Lower South? Why should tax dollars go AGAIN to preserving one hand-picked developer's profit?)

It all starts locally and Peekskill is a schmooser with a loser...
Don't forget her phony claim of being a biomedical researcher at Harvard, when
1)she got no advanced degrees in in bio-anything, and
2)she was never employed by or at Harvard, or evenat any Harvard-affiliated institution.

Not to knock lab techs, but Sue was a hospital lab tech for one year before she moved back to Westchester, and her spin machine has tried to turn that into a "budding career as a Harvard biomedical researcher."
Shameless. But that's par for the course in the resume-padding of these second-tier Republican hacks who've been getting elected without effectiveopposition or real press scrutiny.
Just got back from the rally with Bill Clinton and heard a guy from the teacher's union talk about Sue Kelly's long teaching career, which lasted all of five months. Makes you wonder what else she's lying about.

Anyone who hires people knows that if someone lies about their resume, chances are they're lying about other stuff too.
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