Friday, October 13, 2006


Sue Kelly needs to start working for us!

We caught this latest ad on YouTube and think that it speaks for itself. As Michael Schiavo said yesterday: Sue Kelly deserves to go. No questions.

Sue has responded to the ad by Majority Action with this letter. Try to keep a straight face when you read it:

Here They Come

Roll Call, a well-read Capitol Hill publication, yesterday broke the story that a mysterious group called Majority Action is dumping half a million dollars into this race-money that is being used to air a filthy, scurrilous attack on my character and integrity.

What is Majority Action? One of those mysterious democrat shadow groups called a "527," funded by well-healed fat cats who can cut six and seven figure checks and operate outside the rules imposed on federal candidates.

Who opened their checkbooks to fund this filth remains to be seen. But we do know something about those who are in the "Leadership Circle" of "Majority Action."

# Tony Coelho, a former member of Congress from California, forced to resign in disgrace in 1989 after he was caught hiding a sweetheart loan he used to purchase junk bonds from Drexel Burnham Lambert.

# Tom Downey, a former member of Congress, now a K-Street lobbyist, whose firm was behind the deal that would have turned the security of U.S. ports over to a company owned by the government of Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.

# Alan Wheat, a former member of Congress, now a lobbyist, whose clients include casinos, gaming and gambling interests. They are still furious that I voted against a bill that would have allowed underage children to engage in on-line internet gambling.

# Cleo Fields, a former member of Congress, whose career came to an inglorious end after he was caught on an FBI surveillance video taking cash from a scandal ridden Louisiana politician and stuffing it into his pants.

Whatever their motivation in trying to defeat me, I can assure you it is not good government.

Why would they use their money to attack me, instead of promoting my opponent?

And why would my opponent, John Hall, who talks so incessantly about how honest he is, remain silent as this band of ethically challenged hacks march into the district and pollute the televisions screens of 600,000 people?

Mr. Hall will have to answer the latter.

I can answer the former.

There isn't much they can say about Mr. Hall that is going to win Mr. Hall any votes in the Hudson Valley.

Mr. Hall wants to raise your taxes. Mr. Hall wants to impeach the President and the Vice-President. Mr. Hall wants to socialize health care. Even as North Korea's madman Kim Jong Il sets off nuclear weapons that threaten us and our allies, Mr. Hall wants to gut missile defense.

The more people in the 19th district know about Mr. Hall, the less likely they are to vote for Mr. Hall. And therein lies the reason for the sudden appearance of a mystery group called Majority Action. Mr. Hall is not a stupid man. Knowing he can't win talking about what he believes, he now recruits a stealth group run by ethically challenged K-Street lobbyists and disgraced politicians to assassinate my character.

Mr. Hall may be the kind of Congressman these people want. I don't think he'd be the kind of Congressman the Hudson Valley wants.

We need your help. Now more than ever. Put up a sign. Help us make calls. Volunteer. Write letters to the editor And by all means, if you can spare a few nickels to help us fight back, please send a contribution today.

Sue Kelly

Scurrilous? How about a $240,000 earmark (that's taxpayer money)for the Putnam Valley Senior Center and her husband ,Ed, is awarded the "lowest responsible bid" of $200,000 for the structural steel in the project? Does this smell bad?
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