Wednesday, October 25, 2006


RNN asks some tough questions about Sue Kelly

Three new videos from RNN don't mince many words when it comes to Sue Kelly's ability to duck and cover (except when invited to break bread with Republican hacks).

In this video, shot earlier today, RNN anchor Rich French says Sue Kelly's behavior is "truly bizarre" and questions why she won't answer any questions about her role as Chairwoman of the Page Board from 1999 to 2001. He also asks why Sue Kelly has to sneak into a local cable television station for a face-to-face with John Hall earlier today.

The second video includes a rebuttal from RNN Real Politics Anchor Rich French who calls Sue out for the coward that she is. The third video (below) puts Sue Kelly on a milk carton, explaining that formula has helped locate missing children.

Looks like we have our own Keith Olbermann here in NY-19.

Her behavior in avoiding the voters of the 19th district is truly remarkable. I cannot understand how anyone could vote for her.
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