Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Runaround Sue on the Runways

Once again Rep. Sue Kelly has taken big credit for something she had little to do with and which provided comparatively small benefits.

On Thursday, March 30th, Runaround Sue announced a Federal Aviation Administration grant awarded to Stewart International Airport. The funds are part of a program called AIR-21. The airport improvement program provides both discretionary grants and formula grants to airports of all sizes. To say that she co-sponsored the bill that made it happen means that all she did was co-sponsor the bill to reauthorize a program already in existence. As a member of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, she would be expected to co-sponsor the reauthorization bill.

Runaround Sue should not be boasting all that much here. The program gets billions, Stewart received $1.54 million dollars. And what is that money being used for, airport security? Not according to airport spokeswoman Tanya Vanasse via the Poughkeepsie Journal, "We're just pushing dirt around and planting grass and making it nice and flat on both ends of the runway."

Glad our tax dollars are being put to good use. Sure wish a few could land right back in our school district though.
Once upon a time there was a rooster who would crow every morning at dawn.

Seeing the sun rise, the foolish rooster would puff out his chest, proud of his accomplishment.
"See what I have done", he would tell the other barnyard animals, "see how important I am. For without me, the sun would not rise."

But the other animals had seen that the sun was much older than the rooster, and wondered if the rooster really thought they were so stupid as to believe him. And they said to the rooster: "Foolish rooster, why do you boast of what you have not done?"

But, facing this challenge to his authority as King of the Barnyard, the rooster, in a statement released through his spokesman Kevin, reminded his subjects that without his morning call for the sunrise, night would never end, and the crops would not grow, and the animals would all live in the dark until they starved.

Angered by the vain and boastful rooster, the other animals all gathered together, and they forced the rooster to leave the farm forever. And the rooster left, forlorn and abandoned, taking only Kevin with him.

And the next day, with no rooster to crow at dawn, the sun rose as usual. And nobody missed the rooster very much.
what a wonderful and inspirational story, let's make it true in November - Run Runaround Sue out of town!
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